National Week of Deaf People

20 September 2021

Deaf week runs from 20 to 26th September 2021, recognising and celebrating Deaf culture, Deaf history and Australia's Deaf language, Auslan.

As Audiologist’s here at Interacoustics, we have a varied role, but we all started out in this profession to provide hearing health to the community. A proportion of this work is assisting those that desire aided and rehabilitative support, but there is another proportion of the community that are deaf, and those that identify as Deaf and part of the Deaf community. They may use a combination of hearing and signing to communicate with their world, or strictly sign language. Hearing and ear health remains a priority for all the community and providing options to families experiencing hearing loss can not be ignored.

All the Interacoustics audiological staff all have basic course accreditation in Auslan. We aren’t just into equipment sales; we are community members who started our journeys to assist those that need it, and in whatever fashion that is needed.

Megan recently assisted her children’s school in lockdown, teaching the junior school three different signed English songs; Best Days of Our Lives, Waltzing Matilda and Sing a Rainbow. The children loved being involved in a musical activity when singing wasn’t permitted! It is amazing how thirsty for knowledge they are and keen to learn and new skills. It is an amazing way to introduce children to the benefits of sign language and awareness of the world they are part of. 

The Interacoustics Audiologists have gotten our General Manager, Trong Nguyen, on board (he is also an Audiologist!). As part of our recognition and acknowledgement of Deaf week, Trong has made a leadership video for the “Auslan Leadership Challenge” – click on the link below to see him in action. We’d love to challenge all the leaders out there to do the same! You can visit the:

Auslan Leadership Challenge 2021

We’ve had our Acknowledgement to Country on our Interacoustics Australia website for some time now in written form ( Given it is National Deaf week, we have stepped up and added an Auslan, captioned version as well. The new Indigenous sign for "Australia" is included. Celia is featured in this video and her left handed dominance shines brightly!

What else can we do to increase Auslan awareness in our audiological community? Do you have any community projects you are involved in? What could Interacoustics do to help? We’d love to hear from you! Get in contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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