Not Just Equipment

14 September 2021


It’s hard to escape technology and it can be harder still to keep up with the ever-changing needs of our clients and of our clinical needs. Computer literacy has become an integral part of our personal and professional lives and it will remain a necessity for the rest of time.

Audiology principles and manual audiometers have changed very little in the last 50 years in terms of their method and function. What has drastically changed is our need to have the results computerised and additional sub-tests, such as CAPD speech lists, added to the instruments. This consumer drive has led to the computerisation of audiometers. This allows for greater flexibility to upload results to databases and claiming services as well as for report writing and printing ease. The hope is that we become the ever elusive “paperless” office and we get more time to do the things manual audiometry did not allow.

The reality is that the time saved in PC testing is taken up in additional computer and software issues. Given the hundreds of different computer parameters we are faced with, including software versions, power adaptors, USB hubs and operating systems to name just a few, we spend more time on the phone to our PC manufacturer to have things fixed, than when we did with manual testing!

After you purchase your new amazing clinical equipment, you will likely need support. Even if you are a computer and technological whizz, inevitably a manufacturer of clinical equipment or hearing aid software will release an update and an undesirable situation will occur. 

When purchasing your equipment, we strongly urge you to consider the back up support you will need moving forward. Will you be able to fully support yourself? Will the seller of your instruments be readily available to upgrade, train and support you on your systems?

At Interacoustics we provide a full range of audiological and vestibular equipment. We go beyond the sales delivery though. The National Manager as well as all three sales staff are fully qualified and clinically experienced Audiologists. We’ve been where you are, we’ve had the equipment frustrations and hearing aid connection issues, we’ve dealt with the computer software not starting! We are also highly trained and skilled on the instruments you purchase and tests you conduct. We are constantly completing training courses, upskilling, and obtaining CPD points just like you! So, ensure when you are looking at a company that you want to buy equipment from, they can understand your clinical practise and offer ongoing clinical training and support as well.

As well as our sales and training support, our service team, Diatec, provide full equipment service, calibration, repair and support on a whole range of different manufacturer items. ou need to be assured that when something does go wrong that a backup team will be available to support you and get you back up and running as fast as possible.

Finally, to keep you moving in this covid ravaged world, we have a large catalogue of consumables for you to purchase through Sanibel Supply. From personal protective equipment (PPE) gear to probe tips to replacement BTE tubes and antibacterial wipes, Sanibel covers all your consumable needs.

When you buy the Interacoustics equipment you need for your clinic, you are also buying a support team with over 24 employees across Australia and New Zealand who speak over 15 languages, solely dedicated to your equipment needs.

We ask you to choose carefully, we aren’t just about the equipment sale.



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