Missed our webinars?

23 November 2021

Missed our webinars in the last few months?

Here is a summary of some of our latest webinars. Don't worry if you missed them, as you still have the opportunity to view them on our website. 

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Getting started in Visible Speech Mapping (VSPM) 

Great overview of VSPM. It discusses the differences between VSPM and traditional REM. It also discusses the VSPM procedure and how to use the counselling tools. The video runs through the procedure on a patient and shows the benefit of VSPM in the clinic.  Saccadometry - A new tool for assessing central vestibular disorders 

This webinar discusses going beyond the traditional saccade test and using a more advanced test called saccadometry. The testing procedure and interpretation of results is discussed.

A case study of a patient with concussion is also discussed to show the results obtained using traditional VNG tests and saccadometry. The importance of saccadometry is highlighted in cases of neurological disorders and traumatic brain injury.

The 'Trends in balance' webinars were made up of 4 sessions: -1. Advances in Paediatric Vestibular Assessment 

Very interesting webinar on the hearing--impaired paediatric population and the prevalence of vestibular issues in this population as well. The webinar discussed improvement to balance as a result of aiding the hearing loss. The webinar followed several children and showed how their balance impairment affected their life. Assess and rehabilitation of paediatric vestibular conditions was also discussed.2. Advances in Vestibular rehabilitation

The webinar discussed the diagnosis of vestibular issues. Two very different approaches to diagnose were discussed. One is disease based, and the other is a functional diagnosis, looking at a level of impairment. Physiotherapists look at level of impairment rather than just the disease diagnosis when devising a rehabilitation plan. 

The webinar also followed the journey of two patients with the same disease diagnosis, but with very different levels of impairment. Each case was discussed, detailing the progress and rehabilitation plan. This was quite useful in relating back to real clinical situations.3. Advances in VNG

The webinar explained the different types of vestibular tests to use and when to use them. Information was given on saccadometry, dynamic visual acuity, active head rotation, rotational chair, ocular counter roll and advanced BPPV. Each test was described, and their clinical application given. 

The webinar also discussed the different pathologies, symptoms a patient would present with and how to interpret findings. 4. Advances in BPPV

A good overview of the different types of BPPV and the nystagmus patterns in each type, including how to detect and treat each type of BPPV in all three canals. Also includes a discussion of manoeuvres for each of the three canals, including different parts of the canal - canalithiases and cupulolithiases. Treatment plans in the office and for the patient at home were also discussed. Videos of the TRV chair in use for BPPV were shown for patients with neck and mobility issues. 

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These live webinars may not be held at a friendly time, however, if you sign up, you will receive access to the recorded version, so don't let the European time zone put you off! You can view at a time that is suitable for you. 

Some upcoming webinars include:  

Date: November 30th, 2021

Topic: Getting started: ABR eWorkshop 

Speakers: Amanda Goodhew, International Clinical Trainer 

Date: December 14, 2021

Topic: Beyond the basics: ABR eWorkshop 

Speakers: Amanda Goodhew, International Clinical Trainer

On our website we also have an extensive library of video recordings on a whole range of topics including ABR (and other EP tests), Audiometry, Balance, Hearing aid fittings, OAE's and Tympanometry. Click here to show these topics. 

Remember: With any of the video's watched you can claim independent points for Audiology Australia.


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